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Destination Photographer (10 years of experience)
🚀 Ex Destination Marketing & Event Manager Sicilia  (23 years of experience)

Francesco Andolina was born in Palermo on 4 July 1973. He is an artist of light. For over 20 years he has been ‘illuminating’ the region of Sicily through his work, from videos to photography, from magazines to events. He is an expert in regional tourism development, strategic marketing and integrated communication. 

Until 2019 he shaped the image of his region through his role as Destination Strategy Marketing and Event Manager, Sicily. He made a vital contribution to the tourism revival of the area. He is the author of the one-of-a-kind volume, ‘How I create a successful tourist destination in 33 innovative ideas’.

He was a consultant for Italia Lavoro, Local Coordinator Sicily for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board, LCCI International Qualifications, and consultant for Isvor Fiat Torino.

As the originator and writer of The Palermo Yearbook 2003/2010, he collaborated with Palermo Calcio, Idinet ECDL, Continental Italia. 

Until 2019 he was the editor of internationally prestigious magazines, including “Sposi Magazine” for wedding destinations and “Turista a Palermo”, the first paper tourist guide of the city, a point of reference for international tourism. Winner of the Sicily Award 2017.

Since 2015 he has changed his lifestyle; he sets off and dedicates his valuable time to destination photography. His photographs are an effective tool for the promotion and appreciation of his region. Thanks to social networks, magazines and photographic exhibitions of international prestige, they reach millions of people around the world.

His photography is also a hymn to simplicity, beauty and authenticity. Francesco manages to capture the soul of places and people, he seeks the truth. His last photographic exhibition of 2023, held at the Cupola del SS Salvatore di Palermo, was appreciated by 5,786 international visitors.

His photos are of inestimable value, they were ahead of their time, bearing witness to an iconic historical change for Sicily and Palermo, which transformed from being the international capital of the mafia to the capital of international tourism.

His photographs are evidence of his solitary, 10-year journey.

What makes a photograph valuable is not the equipment or the technique, but the road up to it, the story behind it.

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